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Conversations over coffee (and Irish cream) with actors, singers, directors, writers and many other types of entertaining and engaging people. You’ll be enlightened, amused, inspired, intrigued, or at the very least...temporarily distracted.

Listen to a brave and talented comedian talk about life and work in the midst of her battle with cancer. R.I.P. Miss Nikki.

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A real life take on being a top 15 contestant in the Ms. America Pageant. Life's twists and turns took a young beautiful singer/songwriter from a town in Massachusetts to the national stage. This will be the most fun, down to earth take on the pageant world you'll ever hear! Alissa Musto shares her story about starting out as a piano player at 16 and ending up in front of millions as Ms. Massachusetts. Wrap this episode around your ears like a fancy sash!

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Working hard, being fearless and using what you got can yield amazing results. Molly Callinan does this and more. Whether she's traveling the world with Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band, bouncing around the US in theater productions or singing in the popular Chicago based band Catfight, this girl succeeds! Robby and Molly swap hilarious stories and thoughtful insights. The chat is rounded out by an interesting unravelling of why performers may find themselves depressed during down time. From performing for the troops overseas to taking it all off for a stage play - this episode covers (and uncovers) it all!

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Rome walkin' and TED talkin'! Robby and his wonderfully witty brother Paul Celestin talk you through the streets of Rome. If you've never been (or if you just want to hear a twisted and crazy take on the ancient city) listen to this hilarious Roman tale. But that's not all - Robby gave a TEDx Talk! He dishes on the entire process and experience. This is a fun behind the scenes look at a great city, a great TED event, and a GREAT brotherly chat. You will laugh, giggle and even learn a thing or two if you're not careful. 

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A fun informative and important conversation. The first half of the episode explores Brittany Lee Moffitt's self discovery as an amazing singer songwriter and local brand. (The chat also touches on Chris Cornell and Hanson. Ever thought you'd see those two in the same sentence?)

The second half features her courageous battle and victory over alcoholism. This wonderfully inspiring story is a fascinating look at how you can overcome a demon that threatens many artists in the industry. Listen, learn and enjoy!

See Brittany's music and pics at brittanyleemoffitt.com

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How do you keep your heart in the job? What's it like to perform for troops on a USO tour?  As you learn these things, prepare to be charmed. 83 year old vocalist Billy Shelton is a walking piece of music history. As a member of the Spaniels (Goodnight Sweetheart) and the Soul Stirrers (The only gospel group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Billy brings a wealth of knowledge and wonderfully diverse stories.  His rich history and experiences are highlighted by his incredibly kindhearted disposition and loving ideals. From dealing with racism in the 60's to performing for current day USO shows, this man has done it all. You'll also learn how Billy was a driving force behind Robby's success as a singer.  Laugh and smile as we take a stroll through the wonderful world of Billy Shelton.   

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Get your chat right here!
Let's talk about the art of real journalism and all that it entails! Chicago Tribune writer Shannon Ryan unpacks the journalistic world and shares her unique journey and insights.
*How do you find the angles of a story when you're covering the same sport again and again?

*What's it like working in the ever changing and uncertain world of newspaper journalism?

*What's it REALLY like reporting in a locker room?

**How in the world do we identify real or fake news?

These questions and more are covered in this fun and enlightening chat delivered right to your ears like the morning paper.

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Podcast host, writer and Chicago sexpert Katie Roach has an intelligent and fun take on sex and human connections. The chat tackles many misconceptions about sex, relationships and even porn. (She's interviewed pornstars firsthand and introduces a whole new perspective on the industry.) Follow Robby and the host of Drunk Sex Productions down a cognitive and naughty road.

Bonus: Both podcasters answer a veeeeery personal question.  

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Lessons for any project! Dr. Chad Eric Bergman brings a small store front theatre approach to North Park University students, thus giving them real world prep. His all encompassing views and ideas will inspire and enlighten. Listen and learn and enjoy!
Chad can be found at  www.bergman.space

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WARNING: This chat contains Rogue One SPOILERS and moments of EXTREME CUTENESS. Last time we chatted with Molly Marie she was 4. It's time to check in and look at the world through the eyes of a 7 year old. It's just the kind of chat we all need. Enjoy!

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The many wonderful faces of Kat Sass.  Another fun journey into the many worlds of entertainment. This is a great example of how much success can be gained when you work toward ART not FAME. Sometimes you're fixing costumes by a beluga whale and sometimes you're peeing...with clothes on. True story. Listen now!

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