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Conversations over coffee (and Irish cream) with actors, singers, directors, writers and many other types of entertaining and engaging people. You’ll be enlightened, amused, inspired, intrigued, or at the very least...temporarily distracted.

Directing, editing, finding your way up the ladder and- STAR WARS and Empire. (Not "Strikes Back". We're talking about the TV show.) Overall production master Matthew Byori Mann swaps filmmaking stories with Robby and shares his insightful and interesting views and ideas.  From working for a major network to meeting Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), this episode has lots of ear candy. Lights, camera, listen! 

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Ever wonder how to get a tune about your favorite sports team noticed? Katie Day talks about getting her Chicago Cubs inspired songs out into the world! She also discusses her inspiring musical journey from Munster, IN to Los Angelos, CA. (With a stint in Nashville in between!) Pull up your ears and give a listen!

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Want to learn how to sing? Learn about voice, life in an Alaskan cabin (we're talking no running water or fridge!) and the beauty and power of opera. Nicole Besa is here to charm and enlighten your day.

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Let's compare blogs and podcasts. This is a fun and interesting exploration into the journey of creative application. (It's also a great "how to" lesson in blogging) Two very different bloggers share their unique stories and reasons for doing what they do.  Allison Felus (Queen of Peaches) and Don Martinez (Until the Race is Run) join Robby and explore how creative juices can flow into text and audio.  BONUS: SOMEBODY on this episode is a psychic. Don't leave when the credits roll! 

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Everyone's favorite professional dancer and entrepreneur comes back to chat! Fill your earholes with another wonderful round of stories. It's time to discuss movies, broadway, Celine Dion's parties and the strategies needed to land a gig!  Jasmine Ejan returns. Bonus- she has new Blowpaste flavors!

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And suddenly you're touring with a major Broadway production! Feast your ears on these interesting and fun facts and tidbits as Jo Ann Daugherty rounds out her grand musical tale. This second leg of her story is not to be missed. (Jo Ann Daugherty Part 2)

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Want to make it in the big city and beyond? Jo Ann Daugherty and Robby Celestin take you through a wonderfully charming "how to" episode. Listen in as the amazingly talented Jo Ann shares her story of honing her musical craft and taking it to the windy city. (Also, the secret- not so secret- origin story of Robby's weekly radio spot revealed!) Treat your ears to Episode 17 of A Chatter of Fact

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Chicago's JB TV is the longest running independent music show in the U.S.  From Dave Matthews Band and Fallout Boy to No Doubt, this show has brought many of music's favorite acts to television. Walk your ears through an amazing story of media and life with JB TV's Jerry Bryant! Robby Celestin hosts another chat.

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Let's explore the comedic muscle and machine! Dive into a deep chat about supporting, supplying and creating the funny! Tom Byelick (With his lovely/witty partner in comedy Michelle Gonzalez Piskol) walks us through his amazing road to building a diverse and successful comedy show. Listen to the story of a regular working Joe (or Tom) who decided to jump feet first into the promotional side of entertainment. Rounding out the chat is talented Chicago comedian Mona Aburmishan. (She's an educated firecracker!) Robby and the crew hilariously dissect the cognitive side of creating and maintaining your art. Listen, learn and laugh!

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What happens when your blog suddenly receives worldwide attention? How would you handle your daily rant being picked up by the Huffington Post and the New York Times?  Harmony France's amazing piece on diversity in the arts captured the hearts and minds of people in and out of the acting community. Listen to how this thoughtful actress, casting director and blogger found herself flung into the spotlight simply by speaking her mind. Oh and...Star Wars. (Trust me. It'll make sense when you hear it.) Sit back and feast your ears on this meaningful chat. 

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A lesson in life and music.  This chat lists tips on the lead singer approach from the inside out as well as other aspects of a successful "life in music". Singer/songwriter/performer and all around biz wiz Nicole Garza graces your ears with this fun and insightful chat. Robby and Nicole swap stories, vocal ideas, and explain how to sing beyond the song.  Robby also breaks down the art of onstage banter. Love is in the "ear"  as these two best buds and kindred spirits laugh it up and even sing a little. 

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