A Chatter Of Fact
Conversations over coffee (and Irish cream) with actors, singers, directors, writers and many other types of entertaining and engaging people. You’ll be enlightened, amused, inspired, intrigued, or at the very least...temporarily distracted.

Miss Nikki covers it all! Living with cancer. Living the life of a comedian. Meeting Spike Lee and working on Empire (great behind the scenes stories) and Chiraq. Handling local celebrity status. Open up your heart (and your ears) as Robby walks you through the life, love and process of a hilarious and resilient individual.  Along the way Robby looks back on his radio days with Danny Bonaduce and performing with famous Latin Artists Malo and Tierra. Listen, love and laugh along.

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Cunio chats with Robby about his days starring in Jersey Boys and singing in Under The Streetlamp- but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Whilst downing doughnuts and tequila these two soul men talk about Cunio's CD Back Alley Soul, the differences between the theater world and band world and many other funny, real, musical and soulful subjects. How do you prep for the lead in Jesus Christ Superstar? How do you balance artistic choices for the wallet and soul? How much tequila is a safe amount when washed down with doughnuts?  These questions and more will be answered in this almighty episode.

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So many topics!- Raising Kickstarter dollars, buying a drum in Africa, the rise and fall of the CD, the origin of the popular indie band Down The Line, the fanciness of performing at a corporate McDonalds party (That had Destiny's Child, Fantasia, and many other celebs on the stage), and many other stories occupy this fun-filled chat. Singer/songwriter Derek Fawcett (formerly of Down The Line) has a new CD to sell (Feel Better) and many tales to share. This one will keep you smiling all podcast long!

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The revelance and joy of geekdom. Marvel/DC movies, writing, filming, modeling, acting and gaming are all covered in a single bound! Web series starlett and show creator Sarah Moore joins Robby for a deep, fun, geekful chat. Working on your Indie film career? Ever wonder what it's like to pose nude for an art class? Trying to launch a web series and build your following? Let the star of Gamer Chick show you the way! (Special guest: The delivery guy who keeps buzzing in) The Force is strong with this one.

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Want to book major celebs? Here's how it's done. Peer through the eyes of talent buyer, promoter, manager and President of the Star Plaza theater Charlie Blum as he takes us on a star-studded journey. You'll hear tales of Madonna, Seinfeld, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and many others! It's a fun-filled conversation featuring an amazing climb up the entertainment ladder. Sit yourself down, give a listen and enjoy the chat.

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