A Chatter Of Fact (Entertainment)
Conversations over coffee (and Irish cream) with actors, singers, directors, writers and many other types of entertaining and engaging people. You’ll be enlightened, amused, inspired, intrigued, or at the very least...temporarily distracted.

The world of performance is always in need of true mentors and motivators. Enter The Performing Arts Doctor! Terry Hudson is a master of the arts and has been sharing his knowledge with young performers around the globe. This is a story about a self starter whose passion to learn by the best leads him to be the best. It's a journey that takes one to next level ventures personally and professionally. This guest is part Debbie Allen, part Bob Villa, and part James Bond. Listen and see why!

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Julia Galbenu is dodging deadly snakes, battling "sharky" waters, saving nature and writing it all down for us to enjoy. This charming and talented English author of Find Your Wild is a conservation crusader, an adventurer and member of England's National Trust. (Robby finally has a reason to share his shark story!) Listen and enjoy. *Find Your Wild audio available on Spotify

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Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Hall and Oates- Everett Bradley has shared the stage with these huge stars and many more. And he has the tales to prove it! His talent, energy, heart and drive know no bounds. Listen and experience this bright and shining star.

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Branding can be fun when you sell who you really are. Kevon Carter's musical talents and natural wit has created a unique and entertaining persona that has garnered online success. This episode highlights ideas and tips that can encourage any life journey.

BONUS: Show ends with Robby's new song This I Will
(Written by Robby Celestin, Joshua Hettwer and Jo Ann Daugherty)

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Brian plays for Hall & Oates/Live From Daryl's House and has performed/recorded or toured with Bobby Caldwell, AWB, Ariana Grande, India Arie, Todd Rundgren, Jason Mraz, Patti Austin, Mayer Hawthorne, Allen Stone, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sammy Hagar and many more. You'll hear Brian's wonderful story as well as a fascinating inside musical peek into working with Daryl Hall and John Oates. (With a surprise guest!) Listen and enjoy.

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Building your perfect event takes patience, know how and an ability to "herd the cats". Enjoy Megan Estrada as she shares the perfect plan along with a grand life/career story. From surviving 9/11 to forging her own life's path to dealing with the effects of a COVID induced shutdown, this episode has it all!

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Diversify! Kenny Braasch has ventured into booking, modeling, television and marketing. He's figured out how to be successful behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Listen to this self made Southsider discuss capturing success on the Chicagoland scene and beyond.

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Great perspective! Great voice! Listen to this master class on leading a band (amusing stories included), building a voiceover career and finding your place in life. Domingo Castillo not only has a great story to tell, but a GREAT voice to tell it with. Enjoy!

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A colorful and varied story of a true musical crusader. Tom Lounges is a classic, almost storybook character who's tale is filled with hard work and passion. Sit back and enjoy as we explore the life of a music lover who delved into so much including record store ownership, promotion, radio hosting and music journalism. (Just to name a few) Big or small, this man has interviewed EVERYONE! (Prince being my favorite name drop) Put this in your ears and thank me later!

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Every singer needs to hear this episode! One of the finest vocalists on the planet (Claude McKnight of Take 6) shares his awe inspiring insights and stories. This one is a gift for the ears!

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Celebrating Episode 50 with Jim Creeggan of the Barenaked Ladies! Featuring origin stories, band philosophies, doo wop songs, The Persuasions and Punjabi chili. Creeggan's intelligent, insightful and hilarious personality shines in this awesome chat.

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A true and inspiring tale of building success from the ground up! Take notes as David Calzaretta (Maggie Speaks, Magnificent Events) shares valuable industry tips and entertaining origin stories.

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A special treat for you Chicago listeners! The lovely and talented Melissa McGurren (THE MIX- 101.9FM) graces your ears with her story of major media success. From radio to TV and Tom Hanks to Matt Damon, this episode has it all. Strap in for a helicopter ride of a chat!

*Follow Melissa on Instagram- @melissamcgurren

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Using all that you are to succeed- Cover Girls Violin show owner/operator and performer Jen Lowe tells her tale of creating an incredibly successful business built around her very unique talents and passions. It's a fun tale that ends up on stage with the iconic band Chicago among other places. Listen, learn and enjoy!

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Two Words. Smart and Funny. This is Mona Aburmishan. Strap in and enjoy this amazing combo of comical observations and intelligent insight. Forget the Kardasians. It's much more fun keeping up with Mona.

Future Comics. Listen and learn!

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Disney's Aladdin speaks! Adam Jacobs, a bonafide Broadway star discusses the role he made famous on stage as well as many other iconic characters. (Spoiler- He was also Simba!) This is a true "build your own adventure" story featuring a talented and inspiring performer.

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Knowing where you are - The ups and downs of social media - Also, live sax, music stories and deep thoughts and concepts discussed in the friendliest of ways. Robby invites Cherry Poppin Daddies member (among other groups) Josh Hettwer for an all encompassing chat.

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Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Ministry, Michael McDonald-- Yvonne Gage has worked with these legends and so many others. But wait there's more! This amazing vocalist has been on just about every mainstream jingle ever produced. Her story (which contains one of the most interesting Aretha factoids you've ever heard!) is truly epic and her insight is a gift to anyone interested in the music business. Enjoy!

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Funny is an international concept and South African comic Shimmy Isaacs is here to prove it! This chat is another wonderful journey through the world of entertainment.

Learn all about growing up and living in South Africa, building a solid comic set, and finding your own way in life. Let Shimmy show you the way!

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Art Alexakis takes time in a loud backstage setting to discuss life and music. Robby describes what it's like having a Celebrity Drop In concert with a 90's rockstar.

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New Intro featuring a show update! - Relaunching "What's China like?" What does a 14 and 1/2 hour flight do to your body and mind? You'll enjoy this hilarious and informative tale of Robby's trip to Shanghai and it's surrounding villages. The episode features everyone's favorite sounding board, Paul Celestin. (How To TED Talk EP 31). You'll feel like you were there! Sort of.

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Have you ever heard someone groggily converse before the coffee kicks in? That's how it starts before the one second break in which Zara and Robby return fully caffeinated. It's time to dive into the second part of Zara Zaharieva's fascinating story. In Part 2 we find out how to deal with a language barrier, how to find work in the music in world and how to maintain a positive attitude. Along the way laughs and other insights are joyously brought to life. Enjoy!

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Strap your ears in and hang on! This hilarious, thought provoking and sexy roller coaster of a chat features violinist Zara Zaharieva. She came to Chicago barely speaking English armed with $200 in her pocket, passion in her heart and world wide talent. Enjoy!

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Robby had to perform onstage hours after his mother passed away. This was recorded on his phone days later. -How do you get on stage after tragic news? How do you deal? (Excuse the sound quality as this was not the podcast's typical studio recording.)

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Do it all. Be it all. And do it well. From looping, writing and singing to voice over work to acting on television, this is the life journey and story of Taylor Mallory. Listen in and be inspired. This episode will remind everyone how to stay on track and keep moving.


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Social media strategies. Also- Do you rant? Do you promote? If so, where and when? Master of fashion and social media Sararose is back with a twisty turny tale as well as tips and info for building your brand on social media. Your ears will give this a "Like".

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Listen to a brave and talented comedian talk about life and work in the midst of her battle with cancer. R.I.P. Miss Nikki.

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Working hard, being fearless and using what you got can yield amazing results. Molly Callinan does this and more. Whether she's traveling the world with Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band, bouncing around the US in theater productions or singing in the popular Chicago based band Catfight, this girl succeeds! Robby and Molly swap hilarious stories and thoughtful insights. The chat is rounded out by an interesting unravelling of why performers may find themselves depressed during down time. From performing for the troops overseas to taking it all off for a stage play - this episode covers (and uncovers) it all!

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How do you keep your heart in the job? What's it like to perform for troops on a USO tour?  As you learn these things, prepare to be charmed. 83 year old vocalist Billy Shelton is a walking piece of music history. As a member of the Spaniels (Goodnight Sweetheart) and the Soul Stirrers (The only gospel group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Billy brings a wealth of knowledge and wonderfully diverse stories.  His rich history and experiences are highlighted by his incredibly kindhearted disposition and loving ideals. From dealing with racism in the 60's to performing for current day USO shows, this man has done it all. You'll also learn how Billy was a driving force behind Robby's success as a singer.  Laugh and smile as we take a stroll through the wonderful world of Billy Shelton.   

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Get your chat right here!
Let's talk about the art of real journalism and all that it entails! Chicago Tribune writer Shannon Ryan unpacks the journalistic world and shares her unique journey and insights.
*How do you find the angles of a story when you're covering the same sport again and again?

*What's it like working in the ever changing and uncertain world of newspaper journalism?

*What's it REALLY like reporting in a locker room?

**How in the world do we identify real or fake news?

These questions and more are covered in this fun and enlightening chat delivered right to your ears like the morning paper.

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Podcast host, writer and Chicago sexpert Katie Roach has an intelligent and fun take on sex and human connections. The chat tackles many misconceptions about sex, relationships and even porn. (She's interviewed pornstars firsthand and introduces a whole new perspective on the industry.) Follow Robby and the host of Drunk Sex Productions down a cognitive and naughty road.

Bonus: Both podcasters answer a veeeeery personal question.  

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Lessons for any project! Dr. Chad Eric Bergman brings a small store front theatre approach to North Park University students, thus giving them real world prep. His all encompassing views and ideas will inspire and enlighten. Listen and learn and enjoy!
Chad can be found at  www.bergman.space

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WARNING: This chat contains Rogue One SPOILERS and moments of EXTREME CUTENESS. Last time we chatted with Molly Marie she was 4. It's time to check in and look at the world through the eyes of a 7 year old. It's just the kind of chat we all need. Enjoy!

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The many wonderful faces of Kat Sass.  Another fun journey into the many worlds of entertainment. This is a great example of how much success can be gained when you work toward ART not FAME. Sometimes you're fixing costumes by a beluga whale and sometimes you're peeing...with clothes on. True story. Listen now!

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Directing, editing, finding your way up the ladder and- STAR WARS and Empire. (Not "Strikes Back". We're talking about the TV show.) Overall production master Matthew Byori Mann swaps filmmaking stories with Robby and shares his insightful and interesting views and ideas.  From working for a major network to meeting Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), this episode has lots of ear candy. Lights, camera, listen! 

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Ever wonder how to get a tune about your favorite sports team noticed? Katie Day talks about getting her Chicago Cubs inspired songs out into the world! She also discusses her inspiring musical journey from Munster, IN to Los Angelos, CA. (With a stint in Nashville in between!) Pull up your ears and give a listen!

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Want to learn how to sing? Learn about voice, life in an Alaskan cabin (we're talking no running water or fridge!) and the beauty and power of opera. Nicole Besa is here to charm and enlighten your day.

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Let's compare blogs and podcasts. This is a fun and interesting exploration into the journey of creative application. (It's also a great "how to" lesson in blogging) Two very different bloggers share their unique stories and reasons for doing what they do.  Allison Felus (Queen of Peaches) and Don Martinez (Until the Race is Run) join Robby and explore how creative juices can flow into text and audio.  BONUS: SOMEBODY on this episode is a psychic. Don't leave when the credits roll! 

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Everyone's favorite professional dancer and entrepreneur comes back to chat! Fill your earholes with another wonderful round of stories. It's time to discuss movies, broadway, Celine Dion's parties and the strategies needed to land a gig!  Jasmine Ejan returns. Bonus- she has new Blowpaste flavors!

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And suddenly you're touring with a major Broadway production! Feast your ears on these interesting and fun facts and tidbits as Jo Ann Daugherty rounds out her grand musical tale. This second leg of her story is not to be missed. (Jo Ann Daugherty Part 2)

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Want to make it in the big city and beyond? Jo Ann Daugherty and Robby Celestin take you through a wonderfully charming "how to" episode. Listen in as the amazingly talented Jo Ann shares her story of honing her musical craft and taking it to the windy city. (Also, the secret- not so secret- origin story of Robby's weekly radio spot revealed!) Treat your ears to Episode 17 of A Chatter of Fact

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Chicago's JB TV is the longest running independent music show in the U.S.  From Dave Matthews Band and Fallout Boy to No Doubt, this show has brought many of music's favorite acts to television. Walk your ears through an amazing story of media and life with JB TV's Jerry Bryant! Robby Celestin hosts another chat.

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Let's explore the comedic muscle and machine! Dive into a deep chat about supporting, supplying and creating the funny! Tom Byelick (With his lovely/witty partner in comedy Michelle Gonzalez Piskol) walks us through his amazing road to building a diverse and successful comedy show. Listen to the story of a regular working Joe (or Tom) who decided to jump feet first into the promotional side of entertainment. Rounding out the chat is talented Chicago comedian Mona Aburmishan. (She's an educated firecracker!) Robby and the crew hilariously dissect the cognitive side of creating and maintaining your art. Listen, learn and laugh!

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What happens when your blog suddenly receives worldwide attention? How would you handle your daily rant being picked up by the Huffington Post and the New York Times?  Harmony France's amazing piece on diversity in the arts captured the hearts and minds of people in and out of the acting community. Listen to how this thoughtful actress, casting director and blogger found herself flung into the spotlight simply by speaking her mind. Oh and...Star Wars. (Trust me. It'll make sense when you hear it.) Sit back and feast your ears on this meaningful chat. 

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A lesson in life and music.  This chat lists tips on the lead singer approach from the inside out as well as other aspects of a successful "life in music". Singer/songwriter/performer and all around biz wiz Nicole Garza graces your ears with this fun and insightful chat. Robby and Nicole swap stories, vocal ideas, and explain how to sing beyond the song.  Robby also breaks down the art of onstage banter. Love is in the "ear"  as these two best buds and kindred spirits laugh it up and even sing a little. 

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Miss Nikki covers it all! Living with cancer. Living the life of a comedian. Meeting Spike Lee and working on Empire (great behind the scenes stories) and Chiraq. Handling local celebrity status. Open up your heart (and your ears) as Robby walks you through the life, love and process of a hilarious and resilient individual.  Along the way Robby looks back on his radio days with Danny Bonaduce and performing with famous Latin Artists Malo and Tierra. Listen, love and laugh along.

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Cunio chats with Robby about his days starring in Jersey Boys and singing in Under The Streetlamp- but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Whilst downing doughnuts and tequila these two soul men talk about Cunio's CD Back Alley Soul, the differences between the theater world and band world and many other funny, real, musical and soulful subjects. How do you prep for the lead in Jesus Christ Superstar? How do you balance artistic choices for the wallet and soul? How much tequila is a safe amount when washed down with doughnuts?  These questions and more will be answered in this almighty episode.

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So many topics!- Raising Kickstarter dollars, buying a drum in Africa, the rise and fall of the CD, the origin of the popular indie band Down The Line, the fanciness of performing at a corporate McDonalds party (That had Destiny's Child, Fantasia, and many other celebs on the stage), and many other stories occupy this fun-filled chat. Singer/songwriter Derek Fawcett (formerly of Down The Line) has a new CD to sell (Feel Better) and many tales to share. This one will keep you smiling all podcast long!

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The revelance and joy of geekdom. Marvel/DC movies, writing, filming, modeling, acting and gaming are all covered in a single bound! Web series starlett and show creator Sarah Moore joins Robby for a deep, fun, geekful chat. Working on your Indie film career? Ever wonder what it's like to pose nude for an art class? Trying to launch a web series and build your following? Let the star of Gamer Chick show you the way! (Special guest: The delivery guy who keeps buzzing in) The Force is strong with this one.

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Want to book major celebs? Here's how it's done. Peer through the eyes of talent buyer, promoter, manager and President of the Star Plaza theater Charlie Blum as he takes us on a star-studded journey. You'll hear tales of Madonna, Seinfeld, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and many others! It's a fun-filled conversation featuring an amazing climb up the entertainment ladder. Sit yourself down, give a listen and enjoy the chat.

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The only lube that is good for your teeth! No joke. The lovely Jasmine Ejan shares how she created Blowpaste, performed with Celine Dion, Elton John, Train and many others. This remarkable professional dancer/performer shares her incredible ongoing journey that has taken her around the world. And yes, Robby does sample Blowpaste during the podcast.  Listen, lube, and repeat.  

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A hilarious and interesting episode! Listen to the lovely Tracey Ellert describe how she utilized her acting and improv talents to create her own unique niche. From being a cast member on Nickelodeon (Dancy Nancy) to sitting by Kate Winslet as a featured extra in the film Divergent, this is a chat that inspires the soul and tickles the funny bone.

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Hall and Oates and Live From Daryl's House band member Eliot Lewis sits across the table in Episode 5! The chat goes from his days as a staff songwriter to his role as lead singer and songwriter for Average White Band to life with Daryl and John. Eliot also chats about his own work as a solo artist and the constant goal of keeping the "fun" in music and life. Grab a cup of Jo (Irish cream is optional) and sit back for a music lovers chat!

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Robby gets fancy with celebrity fashion designer Sararose. The chat covers adventures of New York's Fashion Week, getting punched by Will I Am (accidentally), the silliness of Facebook rants, the suprisingly impressive tasks needed to break into the fashion world and the overall plight that led to the opening of a store in Chicago's Gold Coast.  From parties and stars to peace and Jager- this one has it all!










Direct download: A_Chatter_of_Fact_4_-_Sararose.m4a
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A special edition "mini episode". Technically, the FIRST ever podcast guest was Robby's 4 year old daughter Molly. Prepare to be charmed. 

Direct download: Episode_3.5-_Good_Golly_Ms._Molly.m4a
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Getting your story from script to stage, meeting Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Avengers, Agents of Shield,etc..), and exploring artistic and sexual identity are all covered with actor/writer/director Danny Bernardo. Spoiler Alert: The boys geek out at the end.

Direct download: Episode_3-_LifeArtChat..m4a
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Staying in character, walking away, the HAT, what Disney cruise ships REALLY mean when they say there is a "protein spill" and miming are all covered at the table. An absurd amount of fun is had as Robby chats with his good friend -actor/singer and all around goofball, Jillian Jocson. 

Direct download: 2_A_Chatter_of_Fact-_Jillian_vers_6.m4a
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The chat goes from breaking into the acting/singing world (for the right reasons!) and tumbles on to holidays, posers, and other fun stuff. Robby Celestin's guest across the table- Jason Brooks of JC and the Uptown Sound! 

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