A Chatter Of Fact
Conversations over coffee (and Irish cream) with actors, singers, directors, writers and many other types of entertaining and engaging people. You’ll be enlightened, amused, inspired, intrigued, or at the very least...temporarily distracted.

New Intro featuring a show update! - Relaunching "What's China like?" What does a 14 and 1/2 hour flight do to your body and mind? You'll enjoy this hilarious and informative tale of Robby's trip to Shanghai and it's surrounding villages. The episode features everyone's favorite sounding board, Paul Celestin. (How To TED Talk EP 31). You'll feel like you were there! Sort of.

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Have you ever heard someone groggily converse before the coffee kicks in? That's how it starts before the one second break in which Zara and Robby return fully caffeinated. It's time to dive into the second part of Zara Zaharieva's fascinating story. In Part 2 we find out how to deal with a language barrier, how to find work in the music in world and how to maintain a positive attitude. Along the way laughs and other insights are joyously brought to life. Enjoy!

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Strap your ears in and hang on! This hilarious, thought provoking and sexy roller coaster of a chat features violinist Zara Zaharieva. She came to Chicago barely speaking English armed with $200 in her pocket, passion in her heart and world wide talent. Enjoy!

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Robby had to perform onstage hours after his mother passed away. This was recorded on his phone days later. -How do you get on stage after tragic news? How do you deal? (Excuse the sound quality as this was not the podcast's typical studio recording.)

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Do it all. Be it all. And do it well. From looping, writing and singing to voice over work to acting on television, this is the life journey and story of Taylor Mallory. Listen in and be inspired. This episode will remind everyone how to stay on track and keep moving.


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Social media strategies. Also- Do you rant? Do you promote? If so, where and when? Master of fashion and social media Sararose is back with a twisty turny tale as well as tips and info for building your brand on social media. Your ears will give this a "Like".

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