A Chatter Of Fact
Conversations over coffee (and Irish cream) with actors, singers, directors, writers and many other types of entertaining and engaging people. You’ll be enlightened, amused, inspired, intrigued, or at the very least...temporarily distracted.

Chicago's JB TV is the longest running independent music show in the U.S.  From Dave Matthews Band and Fallout Boy to No Doubt, this show has brought many of music's favorite acts to television. Walk your ears through an amazing story of media and life with JB TV's Jerry Bryant! Robby Celestin hosts another chat.

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Let's explore the comedic muscle and machine! Dive into a deep chat about supporting, supplying and creating the funny! Tom Byelick (With his lovely/witty partner in comedy Michelle Gonzalez Piskol) walks us through his amazing road to building a diverse and successful comedy show. Listen to the story of a regular working Joe (or Tom) who decided to jump feet first into the promotional side of entertainment. Rounding out the chat is talented Chicago comedian Mona Aburmishan. (She's an educated firecracker!) Robby and the crew hilariously dissect the cognitive side of creating and maintaining your art. Listen, learn and laugh!

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