A Chatter Of Fact
Conversations over coffee (and Irish cream) with actors, singers, directors, writers and many other types of entertaining and engaging people. You’ll be enlightened, amused, inspired, intrigued, or at the very least...temporarily distracted.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Get your chat right here!
Let's talk about the art of real journalism and all that it entails! Chicago Tribune writer Shannon Ryan unpacks the journalistic world and shares her unique journey and insights.
*How do you find the angles of a story when you're covering the same sport again and again?

*What's it like working in the ever changing and uncertain world of newspaper journalism?

*What's it REALLY like reporting in a locker room?

**How in the world do we identify real or fake news?

These questions and more are covered in this fun and enlightening chat delivered right to your ears like the morning paper.

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